Digital Signage Statistics 2024: Retail Sector

– Digital signage is responsible for a 46% rise in customer satisfaction rates.

– The use of digital signage results in a 29.5% increase in average purchase value.

– Customers are 80% more likely to check out a store that displays digital signage.

– Most retailers (84%) agree that digital signage is more effective in creating brand awareness than traditional channels.

– Digital signage users report that 64% of customers are more engaged with their brand due to using digital signage promoted digitally.

– More than half of digital signage users (57%) have reported improved customer service due to using the technology.

– 40% of customers think that digital displays can affect their buying decisions by offering them relevant information near the point of purchase.

– Almost half of retailers (43%) believe that digital signage is crucial for personnel training and use it frequently, while 22% consider it an essential tool.

– According to a survey report, 60% of enterprises not implementing digital signage solutions in their stores plan to invest in the technology within the next two years.

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