Franchise POS marketing differs from small business marketing or multi-location marketing in several key ways.

Unlike small businesses, franchise businesses operate under a strict marketing management system. The franchisor sets the overall marketing strategy and brand standards, while franchisees operate individual locations. This requires franchisees to follow specific marketing guidelines and maintain brand consistency across all locations.

Additionally, multi-location marketing may involve coordinating marketing efforts across multiple locations, whereas franchise in-store and POS marketing focus on empowering individual franchisees to market their locations effectively while aligning with the overall brand strategy.

ClearLine, a leading provider of digital in-store and POS marketing solutions, understands the unique needs of franchise businesses and offers a range of innovative products and features to assist franchisees in their marketing efforts. With their user-friendly software and reliable hardware, ClearLine provides franchisees with the necessary tools to streamline their marketing efforts and drive customer engagement.

ClearLine for Franchises
  • Centralized Templates Library
  • Print Flyers & stickers with QR Codes
  • Customer-Facing Screen Sliders Templates
  • POS integration for automated marketing
  • Real-time data collection & storage
  • Centralized content & data management
Why ClearLine Marketing?

ClearLine allows for the easy and centralized creation and distribution of digital in-store and POS marketing materials.

It enhances a unilateral digitalization in traditional in-store marketing, thus enhancing brand consistency across all units.

This means, that ClearLine enables:

– Unilateral control

– Easy and intuitive digitalized In-Store Marketing

– Easy distribution

– Effective capturing of data

– POS integration

– Integration with any systems and services the franchise already got in place.

Use Cases Franchise Marketing

Let’s take a look at the practical aspects of ClearLine implementation for franchises.


ClearLine’s Templates Library allows franchisees to access pre-designed templates for marketing materials, making it easy to create consistent and professional marketing materials across all franchise locations.

The Templates Library also allows making the most out of QR code marketing, or short URL content distribution for the customers.

Ease of distribution

Enabling your marketing materials to all of the units couldn’t be easier.

It’s you who decides whether access to your materials will be granted to all of the units, or restricted only to a certain group.

This could be one of the additional perks to encourage greater B2B involvement.

Control over the access

If for some reason you need to cut a unit’s access to the previously shared materials – you’re in full control to do so with ClearLine.

You can eliminate a unit’s access to all (or some) existing marketing materials (including ClearLine apps and programs), or restrict the access to any future materials.

Track the efficiency

ClearLine captures the data regarding customer interaction, so you can see how each piece of marketing material performs.

Use it to check if the new activity is maybe more popular in some areas than in others, or if a certain marketing idea has shown itself successful enough on a small scale – and now can be tested franchise-wise.

White Label

If you’d prefer to keep your affiliation with ClearLine a secret – you can brand it as your product, or even sell it as your franchise’s perk.

No need to disclose your partnership with ClearLine with all of your complex systems. Be it to reduce the chances of competition, or to maintain the image of your franchise as a highly innovative organization.

In-Store marketing

When ClearLine products are used along with all its range of hardware, the customer gets the benefits of POS marketing and in-store marketing all at once.

All it takes is the right setup of a Customer Facing Screen, a Digital Kiosk, and an Advertising Display.

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