Set a Reminder

Send instant preset reminder messages to your customer or setup a sequence or automated reminder messages for recurring services, for example you can send weekly, by-weekly or monthly reminder messages to your customers.

The Set or Send a Reminder system enables ClearLine users to deliver automated SMS reminders to enhance customer experience, maintain customer base and overall increase your sales.

Need to send a onetime reminder message, or configure a custome reminders schedule? No problem!

Benefits of the SMS Reminders Application
  • Ready-made templates
  • Simple user-interface
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple preset reminders frequency
  • Multiple enorllment options
Why you need the SMS Reminders Application

Missed appointments, forgotten orders, not picked up items, and lost customers can affect cashflow and revenue of any business. SMS reminders are a great tool to ensure your customers will not forget about a specific day or task that is important for them and your business.

SMS or text message reminders are automated reminders that are sent to a client or a customer to remind them of an appointment, a payment, to inform about specific recurring task etc.

They are used by businesses to ensure that their customers don’t forget their existing appointments or ones that they need to schedule in the near future.

How to setup and send SMS Reminders

When you decide that your business should start sending SMS reminders to your customers, you will need to configure and enable Set or Send a Reminder Marketing App. The app will be visible in the Marketing Center dashboard.

When a customer makes a purchase at your business, you can offer them the option to instantly enroll into the SMS reminders program from your business. Open the Set or Send a Reminder Marketing App.
Fill out an Email or a Phone number, or launch a QR code to be scanned by the customer off your screen, next click 'Message personalization' (optional) to fill out detailed info. You can add up to four recipients at the time, so if you have multiple customers you can send them coupons with one click
Click 'Message personalization' you can fill in first and last name of your customer and the product/service/package they purchased from your business. We highly recommend using this feature as a personal touch in your communication with the customer.
Use cases

In this section, we want to explain how businesses are using SMS reminders to engage their customers and increase their sales. This will help businesses understand how SMS reminders will help them meet their needs and ensure customers next visit.

SMS reminders are text messages that a business sends to remind customers about anything from a previous visit feedback, appointment reminder, or upcoming delivery.

A digital marketing solution like ClearLine can integrate with the Point of Sale software your business already uses to automatically apply and validate digital coupons.

With a service like ClearLine your coupons can interact with your customers and can collect data, encourage specific customer action (download app, watch a video, share on Facebook) and send geofencing push notification when customer is near your business location.

Your Order is Ready

Keeping your clients informed about when their order is ready for pick up is important not only for them, but also for your business. Another scenario is when customer forgets to pickup an item previously ordered or left for service / repair.

Appointment reminders:

Sending automated reminders for upcoming appointments is one of the most popular SMS marketing use cases. Seventy-six percent of consumers in a recent survey found it helpful to receive appointment reminders via text.

Text ordering and shopping:

Sometimes, it pays to get creative with your SMS marketing. Allowing customers to purchase and order directly through SMS is one way to eliminate location visit or time spent browsing online.


Recurring Orders and Payment reminders

If your customers need to order or buy your products and services on recurring basis, weekly, or monthly, or make timely payments, using SMS reminders is an easy and effective solution.

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