POS Marketing Automation

A brand that looks to increase engagement and sales among the existing customers & foot traffic need to look no further than POS marketing automation.

Omnisend claims that POS marketing automation had helped at least 63% of retailers who use it increase sales. Once a brand had managed to drive in customers to their locations, the next step is to ensure conversions. The experience remains the key ingredient in making people come back for more; but once a brand had found the perfect customer experience formula, ClearLine offers the way to skyrocket the sales potential.

POS marketing automation is a relatively new technology that relies heavily on the recently growing popularity of digital POS hardware. Hence, the brands that are thinking of implementing this strategy, still have a bit of time left to catch the wave and stay ahead of most of their competition.

Why ClearLine?
  • Client Segmentation
  • 5 Types of Segmentation Criteria
  • Improved Engagement
  • Improved Retention
  • Easy management of chains & units
The Benefits of ClearLine POS Marketing

ClearLine offers an effortless POS Marketing orchestration. See the world your customers navigate and create a digital connection between your clients and your brand.

Anticipate their potential needs, and deliver them the solution immediately.

The Omnisend report mentioned above also states that text messages (or SMS) as one of the delivery methods increase the conversions by almost 50%.

ClearLine Apps offers 3 methods of delivery:

  • QR code
  • Email
  • Text message (SMS)


Pick the one that works best for your brand, or all three at the same time, to maximize the efficiency.

Try ClearLine POS Marketing
Set up POS Condition. You can choose between: - Amount of Sale; - Products Included; - Brands Included; - Product Category; - Product Quantity.
Pick the Action. When the trigger action occurs, pick where you would like the Action to occur, and what it will contain. Choose between Marketing Apps and CFS Slider. Then indicate, what content you'd like to appear.
Locations and Delivery. If you're running a chain, pick the locations where your trigger Action will appear, or pick all the chain at once. Then, choose the Delivery method. A QR Code is a delivery method by default, but you also have Email and SMS. You can make them instant, or schedule them for later.
ClearLine - How to Skyrocket Your Brand

Take a look at the cases of POS Marketing automation use in everyday business affairs.

ClearLine facilitates streamlining the routine POS marketing by automizing the steps towards digital connection between a brand and its customers.

Personalized Birthday Message

According to MarketingProfs, Personalized birthday messages can increase sales by up to 35%.

ClearLine has all the needed tools for this.

If you already have Birthday messages set up in your marketing plan, you only need to integrate it into your POS marketing. Get a link to your sign-in page and connect it in the Marketing Tools section in your ClearLine Marketing Center Admin panel.

If you haven’t yet set up a Birthday message program, consider this. 80% of consumers say that they are more likely to make a purchase from a brand that remembers their birthday, as Personalization Platform claims. ClearLine offers an entire system of coordinating Birthday messages, personalized offers and rewards.

Personalized Coupons and Offers

91% of consumers say that they are more likely to make a purchase from a brand that sends them personalized offers, says Epsilon.

To support that, McKinsey & Company claims that personalized coupons can increase sales by up to 40%.

ClearLine offers tools for coupon creation & distribution. ClearLine Marketing Center allows intorducing the final, personalizing, touch.

First step is Digital Coupons app in ClearLine Marketing Center. The default delivery method is QR code. However, ClearLine also gives options of delivery via email or SMS. In this case, ClearLine offers additional fields for Name and Product.

Delegate Repetitive Tasks

POS marketing automation can increase marketing efficiency by up to 80%.

ClearLine offers your business to optimize the time spent on repetitive tasks with POS Marketing rules.

First, cut back on procedural marketing actions after certain customer interactions. For this, create corresponding triggers and let the CFS display or a Digital Kiosk do the job. Once a client had done the intended interaction, the screen will show a QR code asking a client to further participate in a designated marketing activity, like leaving a review.

Second, facilitate the chain actions. ClearLine allows postponing notifications after customer’s interaction. An employee won’t need to keep in mind a list of things to do after an interaction, and a client, after an intended period of time, receives an SMS or an email asking them to participate in the intended marketing activity.

POS marketing automation can reduce marketing costs by up to 50%, according to eMarketer. ClearLine aims to get you to this result by cutting back the human factor and letting your employees focus on providing customer experience.

Facilitate Loyalty Program Operation

Did you know that loyalty programs can increase customer lifetime value by up to 10 times?

ClearLine offers a POS friendly solution for getting more people to sign up for your loyalty program.

One way is to attach the loyalty program your business is currently using to the app called Loyalty Program in ClearLine Marketing Center Admin panel.

If you don’t already have a loyalty program set up, you can choose between a score-based loyalty program and a punchcard type loyalty program.

Once you have everything set up, ClearLine allows you to assign points, stamp the punchcards and inscribe new customers into your loyalty program by simply scanning a QR code.

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