Smart Page

If what you need is an ‘all digital marketing on one page’, Smart Page is the best product for you and your customers.

Smart Page gives your customers links to all of your marketing actions on one page, so they can choose from a variety of options to connect, claim an offer, review, refer, & follow.

It’s a cherry on top of all of the Clearline Marketing Center Apps you’ve already got set up and going. You can go for the best-performing marketing apps, choose thematically, or arrange them all within one screen space, just a scroll away from your customers.

Have we mentioned you can share access to a Smart Page via QR, text message, email, or print? Or even all four?

Smart Pages is a customer-facing mobile website that brings together all of Clearline’s marketing tools. Digital coupons, Loyalty programs, your hottest offers, your social networks and review platforms – this and more, all on the same Smart Page.

Benefits of Smart Page
  • Everything in one place
  • Create & edit in minutes
  • Linked to the QR Code, SMS, & email
  • Adjustable content & design
  • Intuitive & User Friendly
  • Showcase all of your marketing options
  • Works with your current systems
Why you need Smart Page

Smart Page is your ‘at once marketing solution.

Need to display multiple digital marketing options in one place to engage with customers? Smart Page is the best digital marketing service for you and your customers. Create your branded smart landing page in five minutes and share it with your customers instantly

When there’s no time to be shy and subtle – and it’s your time to shine. Smart Page has the right spot for each and every one of your offers. Throw in your Loyalty Program. Don’t forget the Digital Coupons. How about adding a Follow Us section?

If you’ve already got some marketing tools in place – say, a loyalty program – that’s even better! Smart Page will lead your customers to your pre-existing loyalty program and won’t disrupt your data flows. All it takes is a link!

How It Works

Use Smart Page as a showcase for all of your POS marketing activities. Smart Pages work best when you’ve already got the rest of your ClearLine apps configured.

Select the marketing actions to be displayed on their landing page. Select a promotional offer to be added to the page. Change the order of your sections by drag-and-drop editing. That’s it! Your beautiful new marketing website is ready!

Just like the rest of ClearLine apps, Smart Page can be accessed via a QR code from the customer-facing screen, or from a printed flyer or a QR sticker.

Set up all of your apps in your ClearLne Marketing Center. Under Marketing Apps Settings click on the Smart Page icon.
Check the delivery method - QR, SMS, or email. Enable all of the marketing modules you'd like to be shown on the Smart Page.
Click 'Apply and Preview'. Do you like the look of your Smart Page? If yes, click 'Save'.
Use cases

Let’s talk about how a business can successfully implement Smart Pages on top of other Clearline products it’s got going. Because, if correctly set up and utilized, Smart Page can be a wonderful additional path to better conversions and increased customer loyalty.

Like any other Clearline product, Smart Page can be easily integrated into the POS system you’ve already got in place. It can be used as a nice extra point of touch, or the source of extra statistics, or as an enhancement of any other marketing activity.

Why don’t we take a look at Smart Page from multiple perspectives – as a meta-product that it is, and as a combination of the advantages of all the products it incorporates.

Choose the offers you show

Use your account location settings to the fullest and only showcase the most relevant offers on your Smart Page.

Are you a chain business with unified offers?

Then set up your locations and give them the full access to all of your marketing and brand materials. Create a unified digital coupon base, implement a universal loyalty program, have one birthday club for all – and make it all visible on a Smart Page.

Would you like your business units to have unique offers?

Limit the access to digital coupons & vouchers only to the facilities that are allowed to run these promos – and let them shine on a Smart Page. You can also do it with the rest of Clearline products to create a boutique-like experience for the customers.

Why go either/or though. A healthy mix of both is what generates the best result.

Set it up automatically

Set up your Smart Page automatically within seconds.

No coding, designing or complicated launching required.

What you get in the end is a mobile-friendly webpage that is 100% compliant with your brand aesthetics.

Isn’t it great, to produce something within seconds, and without investing any brain drain or man-hours? And have it generate income on the same level as the rest of your marketing tools!

Coupon distribution options

ClearLine is a omni channel marketing platform for coupon distribution across all digital channels, we offer multiple options to distribute your coupons faster & more effective.

Keeping in mind that most of our POS marketing products work best with a Customer-Facing Screen (CFS), we find a QR code access to be the best option, but we also got you covered with these alternatives

  • Email. Collect your customer’s email and share with them the link to you Smart Page.
  • SMS. Instead of an email, collect a phone number and let them click the link they get.

Try integrating a Smart Page link into your printed materials.
Go to Template Library in your Admin panel and create a flyer with a QR leading to Smart Page.

Smart Page in a Digital Kiosk

Why not let your clients discover and explore your Smart Page on their own?

The more valuable it’ll get in their eyes!

Add a Smart Page to your Digital Kiosk for all the customers who prefer to use self-service options.

Maybe even suggest that they save the link or the QR code to access all of your materials at once, at any time.

Works with your current marketing

You probably have some parts of your marketing already figured out.

Maybe it’s your loyalty program.

Maybe you’ve got your online booking & waitlist app that you really love.

All Clearline products, including Smart Page, are designed to integrate the systems you’ve already got in place.

All it takes is a link!

FAQ’s of Smart Page
Can i setup Smart Page alone, without using any other Clearline products?

If you already have certain marketing apps and products integrated into your operative systems, you can absolutely use them in a Smart Page.

It’s important to remember to set up Clearline apps first, using the links to the apps you’re currently using, and then design a Smart Page

Can I skip the setup of Clearline Apps?

You need to set up the Clearline apps first, and then arrange them on a Smart Page.

Do I need to have Smart Page to use other Clearline products?

No, Smart Page is optional, although we strongly advise you to integrate it into your POS marketing activities.

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