Why QR Code Marketing?

ClearLine offers a state-of-the-art approach to In-Store and POS marketing – so why should QR marketing (a natural part of POS marketing) be any exception?

This is why with ClearLine you get unique and patented marketing features.

So let’s see how your QR strategy can benefit from the ClearLine platform – and why.

QR (quick response) codes have been around for nearly 30 years. Developed in 1994 by a Japanese engineer to track components in car factories, they have evolved into a highly effective marketing tool.

Although QR codes have been around for some time, we saw an increase in their usage during the Covid-19 pandemic. Restaurants used them as an easy method of creating contactless menus during a time in which we were all so reluctant to get close to one another.

In 2022, approximately 89 million smartphone users in the United States scanned a QR code on their mobile devices, up by 26 percent compared to 2020. The usage of mobile QR code scanners is projected to experience constant growth, reaching over 100 million users in the U.S. by 2025. According to a survey of U.S. shoppers conducted in June 2021, 45 percent of respondents reported using a QR code to access marketing or promotional offers.

  • Digital CFS Screen QR’s
  • Printable QR’s templates
  • Micro landing pages QR’s templates
  • Compatibility with all devices
  • User friendly adjustable layouts
  • Trackability
  • Dynamic QR’s
  • Automatic campaign integration
Why Use QR Codes In Your Marketing?

While prior to the pandemic it seemed like they were on their way out, 75.8 million U.S. smartphone users scanned a QR code last year, up by 15.3% compared to 2020. And it’s been predicted that 99.5 million people in the U.S. will use QR codes by 2025.

Take a look at the list of benefits ClearLine has to offer you.

Since staying ahead of the game is the philosophy of ClearLine, you might want to schedule a demo even if you haven’t found the feature you’ve been looking for in this list.

It’s also quite possible that the feature you’re looking for is in its integration phase and will be available to all users in the shortest amount of time.

So how do you start with QR marketing? Easy! In ClearLine Marketing Center it’s everywhere. You can start anyplace you like

Go to Admin Panel in your ClearLine Marketing Center account. Then open Marketing Apps Settings.
Pick any app you'd like to use for your QR marketing. Fill out al the fields and in 'Delivery Method' check 'QR Code'
Delivery via QR code means that: - You can use the QR for this app for your POS marketing; - You can print flyers from the templates in Template Library - and it'll automatically carry the QR; - You can use this QR within a Smart Page
Printable QR’s

ClearLine offers You the easiest bridge between digital and traditional marketing.

Whatever POS marketing campaign you are running – you can automatically create and print flyers with campaign details and the QR code.

All you need to do is set up marketing apps in ClearLine Marketing Center, pick the best template from our Template Library – and click ‘Print.’


Here you go, a well-converting business flyer done & printed in seconds!

Compatibility with all devices

If a device has a screen and a web browser – it is compatible with ClearLine Marketing Center and all its apps.


Hence, you’re not restricted in your choice of digital carriers. Design your POS marketing campaigns with an absolute liberty – ClearLine’s got you covered.


If in doubt, you can always order from the list of ClearLine marketing hardware.

User friendly adjustable layouts

To bring your QR marketing to the top of its efficiency, we’ve developed a Template Library designed precisely to make the QR’s shine.


These templates automatically adjust to any screen size – without any loss of the quality.


Quick reminder, they are also printable!


ClearLine offers you internal analytics. You can track the QR scans within the platform if you wish to.


Or use pixel/utm tags to track the scans elsewhere outside of ClearLine, your choice.

Dynamic QR’s


Isn’t it a headache when you have already printed our materials with a QR code – and suddenly there’s been a problem with the URL?


Worry not! QR’s by ClearLine are dynamic. Meaning that you can keep the same QR code and change the URL attached to it at any time.

Automatic campaign integration

When you’re creating a QR, you’re creating it within one of ClearLine Marketing Center apps.


Hence, you don’t need to create a QR and then attach it to your POS campaigns – you’re already creating it within these campaigns.


A time-saver that also prevents you from the mistakes that sometimes come from copy-pasting multiplied by the human factor.

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