Point of Sale Systems

Clearline has revolutionized the world of in-store marketing and Point of Sale (POS) systems customer engagement options by offering marketing software that enhances the experience on both sides of the deal – as much for the businesses as for the customers.

With Clearline’s innovative software, businesses can now engage customers, increase spending, generate positive reviews, and promote brand loyalty. The best part is, this all can be done effortlessly, automatically, and at the point of sale.

One of the unique features of Clearline’s software is its integration with the POS providers & systems currently on the market. This integration provides users with access to automated and manual engagement flows, as well as Advertising Display options to collect inbound data and display promos and special offers on the Customer Facing screen.

  • API integration
  • White Label platform
  • Works with any POS
  • Automated
  • Flexible modular architecture
  • Data capture and storage
Why ClearLine?

Clearline’s marketing software works seamlessly with any POS system provider on the market.

Here’s how it works: when a triggering action occurs, such as a certain amount of money spent, Clearline shares a predetermined piece of marketing material on the screen – with a QR code or a call-to-action image/message.

This way, while a payment is being processed, a customer can engage in whatever marketing activities you’ve set up at your point of sale.

Use Cases

Let’s see how ClearLine works in practice, in a variety of habitual business situations.

Online Reputation

With Clearline’s software, businesses can set up a trigger action for customers who spend above a certain amount, which will prompt them to leave a review by scanning a QR code on the Customer Facing Display.

This is a great way for businesses to improve their online reputation, as satisfied customers are more likely to leave positive reviews. By leveraging Clearline’s software, businesses can not only generate positive reviews, but also increase customer engagement, drive repeat business, and boost sales.

POS Coupon marketing

Businesses can also increase customer retention and drive repeat purchases by automating coupon offers through Clearline’s software.

This is achieved by setting up a trigger action that displays a coupon on the Customer Facing Display at the time of purchase, prompting the customer to scan a QR code to obtain it.

By offering these coupons, businesses can incentivize customers to return and make another purchase, which can increase revenue and build customer loyalty.

White Label

ClearLine offers its services as a white label, allowing businesses to use all of its apps and services without disclosing their affiliation with ClearLine if they choose not to.

This feature is particularly useful for businesses that prefer to maintain their branding and don’t want to promote a third-party service to their customers. With ClearLine’s white label option, businesses can use the software and services as their own or resell them.

ClearLine is open to all forms of cooperation, and businesses can reach out to the company to discuss their plans and explore the different options available to them. This flexibility is one of the reasons why ClearLine is a popular choice for businesses of all sizes looking for a customizable POS marketing system that can help them engage with their customers and boost sales.

Effortless in-store marketing

When implemented correctly, in-store and POS marketing can also substitute expensive online marketing.

If you’re willing to use more than one device within your business unit, there’s no real reason to just stick with one customer-facing screen at your point of sale.

Use multiple Advertising Displays or even install our large Digital Kiosk for more active customer interaction.

Thus, you have more points of contact for one-to-one engagement with your customers within your store, thus replacing the traditional means of in-store marketing.

Easy Integration

ClearLine products have been designed to integrate with any of the services or systems a business has already got in place, which includes functioning as an add-on to the existing POS system.

In many cases, businesses already have some of their POS marketing needs covered by other services, in which case ClearLine doesn’t require switching platforms.

You can use the products that you rely on, while at the same time enjoying the benefits of the ClearLine ecosystem.

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