Birthday Club

Everyone loves to be appreciated, especially on their birthdays. anniversary or any memorable occasion. Your customers will love to get personalized messages and to be recognized as VIPs by the business they support.

ClearLine’s powerful & automated birthday club application helps to create a better relationships with your customers, collect data and consent for future marketing, and to generate additional revenue by driving business with special offers and incentives.

Benefits of the Add to Birthday Club Application
  • Ready-made templates
  • Attach coupon, voucher or gift card
  • Multiple delivery options
  • Easy to use
Why you need the Add to Birthday Club Application

We have enhanced the process for collecting names, emails, mobile numbers, birthdays and anniversaries of new and existing customers and then send them personalized gift, coupon or offer on their special day that entices them to come to your business.

Once we have the customers in the database we are in a position to market to them via SMS and/or email campaigns.

Mobile coupons can take the form of a unique code in an SMS or email message or a unique link to a digital coupon, or a QR code.

How to enroll new customers into Birthday Club?

When you decide that your business should start engaging with your customers on their birthdays or other special occasions, you will need to configure and enable Add to Birthday Club App. The Add to Birthday application will be present on the Marketing Center dashboard.

When a customer makes a purchase at your business. you can offer them the option to instantly receive a link to join the Birthday Club. Open the Add to Birthday Club App.
Fill out an Email or a Phone number, or launch a QR code to be scanned by the customer off your screen, next click 'Message personalization' (optional) to fill out detailed info. You can add up to four recipients at the time, so if you have multiple customers you can send them coupons with one click.
Click 'Message personalization' you can fill in first and last name of your customer and the product/service/package they purchased from your business. We highly recommend using this feature as a personal touch in your communication with the customer.
Use cases

Birthdays, the most celebrated event and a ‘must-have’ marketing solution.

In this section, we want to explain how businesses are using the Birthday Club in order to automatically and consistent engage their customers. This will help businesses understand how sending automated birthday gifts will help them meet their needs and ensure customers next visit.

A digital marketing solution like ClearLine can integrate with the Point of Sale software your business already uses to automatically engage with your customers.

With a service like ClearLine your business can interact with your customers and can collect data, encourage specific customer action and simply reminding them about your business in the positive, personal, and warm message and not a marketing call to action message..

Why customers will join Birthday Club

Birthday clubs are completely free to join and will get customers coupons for free products, services, or discount from your business.

Personal Touch

Your business should take full advantage of the Birthday Marketing. Enroll your customers and we will send an automated birthday SMS message which includes a unique discount code, so the customer can treat themselves to a special offer or birthday present to celebrate!

The Power of Birthday Marketing

Birthdays, the most celebrated event and a ‘must-have’ marketing solution.

We provide you with ready-to-use templates to create beautiful birthday coupons, capture customers data and send the coupon with a personalized message.

Birthday Club Data Capture

We have several ready-to-use options to collect birthday dates from your customers.

  • Web Form / Landing Page

  • Text your birthday to us

  • Coupons with data capture

  • Mobile game with data capture

  • Import your existing data

  • Zapier integration to sync with other CRM or POS system

  • API integration
  • API integration for custom solutions

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