ClearLine for Clover POS

Innovative digital POS marketing and in-store marketing platform ClearLine Apps announce that it’s now available on the app market of the Point of Sale and payments provider Clover. See details and download the app for your Clover POS here.


ClearLine expanded its reach by publishing our marketing solution in the Clover app market. In synergy with one of the most popular POS providers for SMBs in North America,  ClearLine can start helping businesses utilizing Clover POS grow their loyal customer base, increase sales, and online and social presence, and collect positive reviews while capturing customer data.


ClearLine is the leading technological solution provider for POS and in-store marketing that is adaptive to the needs of each business. Its platform automates and optimizes everyday customer engagement and promotional activities in retail transaction settings or for pick-up or delivery order flows. 

  • Customer-Facing display
  • QR Code shown after tender
  • Reputation Management
  • Birthday Club
  • Customer VIP Club
  • Digital Coupons & Gift Cards
  • Loyalty & Rewards program
  • QR Flyers templates
  • Inbound Marketing templates
  • Connect on Social Media
  • Download App
  • Digital Kiosk
  • Smart Page
  • Schedule Appointment
  • Send payment link
The Benefits of ClearLine Apps

ClearLine’s Marketing Center is the easiest way to create an instant digital bridge between business and customer at the time of transaction.

Remove extra steps, and time delays, increase efficiency, and get instant & measurable results.

We enable POS “point of sale” digital marketing for in-store promotion & marketing campaigns, designed to increase customer spending, collect reviews & feedback, capture customer data, digitize loyalty program enrollment, and much more.

Connecting brands and customers with smart pages and dynamic QR codes at the POS.

ClearLine App is the ultimate solution for businesses looking to boost their sales and customer engagement.

Try ClearLine Apps - You'll Love It

Besides, it’s fairly easy and straightforward. We’ll help you each step of the way.


Our innovative POS digital marketing platform provides a seamless and integrated approach to your marketing campaigns, allowing you to increase customer spending, capture valuable reviews and feedback, gather customer data, and digitize your loyalty program enrollment – all in one convenient location.


With ClearLine, you can streamline your marketing efforts and create a personalized experience that will keep your customers coming back for more.

Find ClearLine Apps on Clover app market. Select the plan that works best for you and connect it to your Clover account.
Download the ClearLine App. Check your email for activation link. Configure your account, apps & set up your digital brand.
Choose & edit Marketing Apps & Templates. Enable the digital bridge between your brand & your customers after sale.
ClearLine - How to Skyrocket Your Brand

With ClearLine, businesses can streamline their marketing efforts, increase efficiency, and obtain measurable results, all while establishing a strong and lasting connection with their valued clientele.

ClearLine users get access to the tools that enhance:

  • Reputation Management
  • Daily Reviews Capture
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Data Processing & Analytics
  • In-Store Marketing
  • Customer Engagement
  • Management of multiunits marketing
Small Businesses, Chains & Franchises

For small businesses, ClearLine’s QR marketing capabilities serve as a game-changer in enhancing customer engagement and driving sales. With the Customer-Facing Screen, Advertising Display and Digital Kiosk, small businesses can prominently showcase dynamic QR codes to push the clients to perform the intended actions.

For Chain Businesses, the pivot digital POS features of ClearLine are enhanced by various levels of access and control over the business clusters and units.

ClearLine guarantees safe data collection, storage, transfer and segmentation for the purposes of the brand.

For franchises, ClearLine’s QR marketing serves as a powerful tool for driving growth and enabling data-driven decision-making. By incorporating QR codes on customer-facing screens and promotional materials, franchises can effectively communicate brand messaging and tailored promotions to customers.

Receive Reviews

90% of consumers won’t even consider using a service that doesn’t have any ratings.

Imagine not only having ratings on all popular review platforms, but also getting all 5-star reviews!

This is what Review Request app can do, combining reputation management with QR marketing.

Most of the time, a client reaches the peak of their satisfaction right at the checkout counter, which makes it an excellent asset for reputation management.

All it takes is to choose a satisfied customer, click Review Request app in ClearLine add-on and let the client scan the QR code from the customer facing screen.

Gather social media followers

According to Forbes, an average American has 7.1 social media accounts, and an average person spends there 145 minutes every day.

The Connect On Social Media app allows you to use these to your advantage and convert your profiles into a touching point with your actual customers and make your social media content convert into purchases.

Use your Customer-Facing Display to showcase the QR to your social media profiles, and let your clients scroll through your content, while they’re waiting at the checkout.

Digital POS Marketing - The Perfect Option

POS marketing reaches the customers when they’re at the peak of their experience – right at the checkout.

They’re excited about what they’re getting – and this is the best moment to get them to come back for more.

The digital POS marketing platform ClearLine automatically converts client enthusiasm into new purchases.

ClearLine POS marketin platform ties together all of your existing marketing campaigns, reputation management efforts, client retention into a perfect combination that guarantees successful accomplishment of each of your brand and business goals.

Your investment in ClearLine POS marketing starts working for you immediately.

Customer-Facing Screen - The Gamechanger

In digital POS marketing, the customer-facing screen (CFS) is what brings together traditional POS marketing, individualized digital marketing and QR marketing.

The integration of a POS marketing platform into a payment processing system guarantees individualized marketing approach, made possible by the CFS serving as a point of contact between the brand and the client.

QR marketing in this case facilitates swift access to the marketing offers and ensures the ease of collection of information, as opposed to the traditional methods of customer information collection.

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