Discover the Advantages of ClearLine with Clover POS System!

Enhance your Clover POS experience with ClearLine’s digital marketing tools. ClearLine’s Marketing Center seamlessly connects you with your customers right at the point of sale.

– Engage Customers in Real-Time: Utilize the customer-facing display to showcase your promotions and effortlessly gather customer data. Creating enticing promos has never been easier!

– Instant Digital Connections: Automatically generate marketing QR codes post-sale to establish immediate digital rapport with your customers.

– Smart QR Codes for Feedback and Reviews: Gather valuable feedback, reviews, and social followers with customizable QR codes.

– Boost Sales with Special Clubs and Coupons: Launch exclusive clubs like Birthday Club and VIP Club, along with digital coupons, to drive sales.

– Personalized Marketing Automation: Set up triggers based on purchase amount, specific products, quantity, or QR codes. Your tailored call to action will be displayed promptly.

– Encourage Feedback Sharing: Place QR codes on customer receipts to encourage them to share their experiences and feedback.

– Explore ClearLine Apps on the Clover App Market today to redefine your business journey!

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