Features of the Real-Time Marketing at the Point of Purchase

ClearLine helps to remove extra steps, time delays, increases efficiency, and delivers instant & measurable results. Engage with customers & see instant results, guaranteed. 

Smart Stands & Stickers

No need for multiple tools. Use the Smart Sticker or Stand with the ClearLine Smart Page. Customize links, launch marketing campaigns, and analyze insights on the ClearLine dashboard.

QR Codes for Menus

Dynamic QR codes are a game-changer for businesses that frequently update their menus or change their locations. ClearLine offers a range of tools and features for creating branded QR codes for menus and orders.

POS Marketing Automation

ClearLine offers an effortless POS Marketing orchestration. See the world your customers navigate and create a digital connection between your clients and your brand.

ClearLine for Clover POS

ClearLine’s Marketing Center is the easiest way to create an instant digital bridge between business and customer at the time of transaction. POS marketing reaches the customers when they’re at the peak of their experience – right at the checkout.

Marketing Templates

Creating visual materials is crucial in our visual-driven world – but how much time & money are you willing to dedicate to this? Wouldn’t it be easier if you had it already waiting for you? ClearLine offers you a client-friendly Template Library to get the most use out of the time your clients spend checking out your screen.

Print Flyers with QR codes

Combine the best of offline and online marketing.

Print your flyers directly from your account, and you’ll have the convenience of digital tools and the engaging factor of a flyer in one ad. With help of the QR’s in your templates, your flyers will function as a portal to various marketing channels – your social media, digital loyalty, and rewards programs, special offers, and new products or services.

Smart Page

Smart Page is a turn-key customer-facing mobile website linked to the dynamic smart QR code and link that brings together all of ClearLine’s point-of-sale marketing tools. It’s a page that can include all of the marketing engagement options you’ve got enabled in your ClearLine account arranged in a way that only you decide.

Customer-Facing Screen

Display important information to your customers with interactive screen, advertise your services, and let customers scan the QR codes to perform marketing actions.

Digital Kiosk

With the Mobile Marketing Kiosk, in-store clients easily send themselves your latest discounts or your Loyalty card, redeem coupons and check-in for Loyalty Card Stamp.

Advertising Display

The way consumers interact with marketing content is changing with the times. As so many businesses compete for people’s attention every day, you need to find a way to stand out. Digital signage & advertising display comes into play.

Birthday Club

Is an app that allows you to get a bit more personal with your customers. This app sends your customer an SMS on their Birthday with special coupon.

Add to Waitlist

Another great tool to keep your customers coming back and avoid them walking out to your competitors. This app keeps track of whom to notify when opening is available.

Send a Payment Link

An easy way to charge your customers online, or send a link to signup for automated payments, or link to buy a specific product or service on your website.

Download Mobile App

Sends your customer directly to the place where your app can be found and downloaded. No more searching through App Store or Google Play, click & download.

Schedule an Appointment

A powerful tool to set up an appointment booking system for customers self-scheduling, or you can add a link to your existing scheduling page.

Review Request

Basically, what ‘Send Review Request’ does is it sends a customer a text or an email with all reputation links associated with the business.

Connect on Social Media

Gives your customer links to all of your social media accounts, so they can instantly follow you, it’s the fastest way to get new followers.

Send survey

Enables you to quickly collect feedback from customers. Text or email a survey form to your customer right on the
spot, and your chances of getting your questions answered as higher than ever.

Validate Coupon

Ensures single-use, prevents fraud and makes processing coupons easy. An employee simply needs the coupon code or barcode to validate the coupon.

Digital Coupons

Enables access for ClearLine clients to the digital coupons application. Simply select a coupon, add one or multiple recipients and send the coupon via email, SMS or a QR Code.

Referral Program

This app stimulates ‘word of mouth’ advertising among your existing customers. To use this app, you’ll need to configure rules and rewards, or you can add a link to your existing referral program.

Set a Reminder

A fast way to send your customer an email or a text message to remind them to get back to you. The app requires a template which will be sent to your customers.

Send Gift Card

An excellent tool for encouraging customers to keep coming back. It requires a link to your gift card and your customer’s email or phone number.

Add to Promo List

An easy and fully compliant way to get your customer to sign up or opt-in for your promotional messages like SMS, Email, and Push Notifications.

Loyalty Program

Gives users access to digital loyalty program. The terms of program are to be determined and controlled by you.

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