Smart Stands & Stickers

ClearLine Smart Stands and Stickers revolutionize customer engagement by seamlessly connecting offline interactions with online opportunities. With just a tap or scan, customers can access a landing page featuring review platforms, social media links, menu and satisfaction surveys.

Smart Stands and Stickers are a universal solution for your POS marketing needs, allowing you to:

– run digital campaigns;
– customize links;
– analyze the data insights.

Empower customer interactions by implementing the innovative digital POS solutions that combine NFC technology, QR codes and traditional branding.

  • Enhanced customer experience
  • NFC & QR marketing
  • Smart Page to showcase your business
  • Track & analyze customer behavior
  • Editable links
Why Smart Stands & Stickers

Smart Stands & Stickers by ClearLine enhances a traditional approach to POS marketing and offers an integrative solution that works towards improving the relations between a business and its walk-in customers.

With a simple tap of their NFC-enabled smartphone or a quick scan of the QR code using their camera, they can instantly access any of the ClearLine marketing apps linked to your Smart Page.


Try Smart Reviews Solution

All NFC solutions come with a ClearLine Marketing Center account included

Tap the NFC Stand or the NFC Sticker. Or use your phone camera to scan the QR code.
You'll land on a page with reviews, social media channels, surveys, menus and more. Pick whichever you like!
Leave a review, subscribe to social media, or choose any other option. Enjoy!
Use Cases

Let’s take a look at how Smart Stands & Stickers work for the everyday business operations.

Request Reviews Page

Smart Stands & Stickers utilizes the power of QR codes and NFC technology to seamlessly connect customers to your review pages on Google, TrustPilot, Yelp, TripAdviso, or any platform of your choosing,

This allows an effortless control over your online reputation from your Smart Page, or directly by tapping an NFC stand or sticker.

In combination with the rest of the products from ClearLine ecosystem, this allows streamlining the influx of positive reviews automatically, with human involvement reduced to a minimum – or none at all.

Subscription with Lifetime Warranty

Smart Stands and Stickers are designed for the client zone, which means that customers and employees will pick them up, use them, and sometimes break them.

ClearLine offers a service with monthly subscription that includes:

  • ClearLine Marketing Center account;
  • software & hardware integration;
  • a set of NFC stands and stickers;
  • limitless replacements for the broken NFC stands and stickers.

Whatever the mishap, ClearLine has you covered.


All at Once in One Place - Smart Page

Imagine that a client’s action fits in with various possible marketing offers – or none at all!

This happens rather frequently; no marketing strategy, even the most elaborate, can account for all scenarios.

Smart Page by ClearLine is a universal solution for any marketing situation.

Smart Page designed for NFC Stands and Stickers contains:

  • Review platforms;
  • Social media channels;
  • Feedback survey;
  • Menu.

Landing a client on Smart Page is a universally effective NFC marketing move made possible with ClearLine’s NFC Stands and Stickers.

Reset the links

ClearLine is the first company on the NFC market that offers re-recording the links associated with your NFC Stands and Stickers.

You won’t need to order a new bundle to replace the old one every time you make a change in your digital marketing strategy. You can introduce all the necessary changes from your ClearLine Marketing Center account.

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