Customer-facing Display 14” screen

About ClearLine Tablet Kiosk

ClearLine Android tablet kiosk is perfect for many self-service & business or education use cases. Our rugged, high-quality tablet with a built-in stand is designed to support operations for any consumer-oriented business. You can connect with clients through social media, collect reviews and feedback, and promote your business with our advertising display, and any cloud-based applications.

ClearLine kiosks are also useful for Point of Sale software, table order kiosk, and other business needs.


Processor Octa-core processor A17, 1.8G, RK3288
OS System Android 8.1
Touch screen 10-Point capacitive touch
Display Vivid 10.1″ 1080p Full HD
Storage 3GB RAM | 32 or 64 GB internal storage
$30 per month with any plan or free with the Unlimited plan, or buy it for $399
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