13 Tips For Building A Better Social Media Presence.

Having a social media account is one thing; standing out in the sea of already-established brands is entirely different. Here are 13 tips that will put you on the path to making social media deliver more excellent business value for your brand in 2023.

Tip 1: Know and engage with your target audience

Tip 2: Keep track of what’s trending

Tip 3: Keep a social eye on competitors

Tip 4: Focus on eye-catching visuals

Tip 5: Make video a part of your content strategy

Tip 6: Choose the right time for posting

Tip 7: Don’t hard sell but tell a story

Tip 8: Identify and use the right hashtags

Tip 9: Get to grips with negative comments

Tip 10: Don’t be afraid to pay for social ads

Tip 11: Consistency is everything

Tip 12: Build a content bank and schedule post

Tip 13: Deep dive into Social Media Analytics

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