Gain More Sales With Advertising Displays

Despite the significant increase in online shopping, traditional brick-and-mortar stores are not going to pass into oblivion. On the contrary, many physical stores attract more customers with smart digital technologies in their in-store processes. Advertising display is one of these cutting-edge technologies employed by retailers.

Digital signs are great big beacons that help tell your customers what to do and where to go. This helps increase sales as customers feel confident in their shopping decisions; the digital screen told them to, after all.

Advertising displays in retail can be used to direct customers to specific products, upsell items, provide wayfinding to toilets or help points and even give emergency information. This reduces staff costs and places shoppers in charge of their own experience.

QR codes can also be added to digital screens and by linking them to online engagement and purchase opportunities, customers are provided with the omnichannel experience they value.

What’s more, is that digital signs can be updated in seconds. This is the type of thing that makes the visual merchandising team very happy.

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