Must-Haves of a Customer Loyalty App.

Loyalty apps are a great way for companies to reward customers and help them to save money. Because they are a tried and proven way of increasing customer retention, companies everywhere are scrambling to build their own loyalty app.
The feature-set of your app will depend on your specific requirements and client needs you’d like to cover. However, there are some really popular options and loyalty program basics that most brands have eagerly included in their solutions. Take a look at the list below:

  • Instant incentives
  • Tier-based rewards
  • Location-based push notifications
  • Repeat & recurring purchases
  • Integrated checkout redemption
  • Gamification

However, developing such an app could be a complex project, in addition to being a project of strategic importance to your business. Consider getting help from ClearLine Mobile experts.
With the ClearLine Mobile Loyalty App, companies can strengthen relationships with their customers in a number of different ways.
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