What Kind of Content Can You Display On Interactive Kiosks?

The content that you can display on an interactive kiosk will depend on the type of kiosk you have. For example, customer service kiosks can provide information about the mall, such as store hours and directions.

Additionally, they can be used to answer questions and provide customer support. For instance, if a shopper is having trouble finding a particular store, the customer service kiosk can be used to give directions.

On the other hand, sales kiosks can be used to promote sales and special offers and provide product information. For example, if a store is having a sale, the sales kiosk can display information about the deal, such as the dates and discounts.

Additionally, if a shopper is searching for a specific product, they can use the interactive kiosk to find out where the product is being sold and for how much.

Interactive kiosks are a great way to improve the shopping experience for customers and stores alike. They’re convenient, informative, engaging, versatile, and cost-effective. If you want to enhance your store with interactive kiosks, contact ClearLine today!

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