How it Works?

Business owners and marketing managers have many questions to consider when partnering with a marketing technology platform like ClearLine Apps — from connecting your social pages, to creating digital coupons, to setting up birthday club. But the choice that likely has the biggest impact on the day-to-day operations, is t. he ease of use and training and measurable results.

How to engage with customers at the time of the purchase?

When customers are ready to pay for their order or service at the point of sale, they can be offered a coupon for their next visit or asked to leave online review, or refer their friends & family. Customers can scan a QR code from the screen and instantly see branded landing page for marketing action selected by the merchant/cashier. They enjoy the ease and convenience of immediate access to the marketing offers right from their phones.

Option 1: Use a tablet

If you have your own Android tablet, you can download the DoorDash Order Manager app, our all-in-one tool for receiving, organizing, and tracking pickup and delivery orders.


DoorDash can also provide a tablet for you for a small weekly fee. Just order it by contacting support or choosing the option when signing up for DoorDash.

With the Order Manager app, restaurant operators can adjust prices and menu items in real time, including deactivating (and reactivating) specific items that are out of stock. The Order Manager app also helps restaurant managers coordinate with Dashers, prepare for large scheduled orders, pause orders when it gets too busy, and contact both the customer and DoorDash support.

When a customer places a DoorDash order, you will receive a notification on the Order Manager app allowing you to quickly and efficiently process orders. Just be sure your tablet volume is on loud and the device is placed somewhere that is easily accessible by staff.

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